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My newly released book, Loving Daddy-Stairs, is a colourful story that takes young readers along as it offers valuable lessons about family and love. This story was written to assist children, ages four to eight, as they experience the often complicated emotions of becoming part of a blended family (stepfamily).
Delivered through the lens of a young child, this story is a beautiful celebration of family as they maneuver through the thoughts, fears, realizations, and eventual acceptance of welcoming a step-parent into their world.
With each page, my hope is that this book can become a source of support and encouragement for you and your family.

Order Now! - Daddy-Stairs

Get to know me

Early years Born on the majestic island of Jamaica, surrounded by vibrant people and diverse cultures, my early years were spent in the countryside, immersed in the folkloric tales shared by family and community elders, alike. Each story would incite laughter, endless wonder, and countless outdoor explorations. These adventures would later transform into a love of reading that continued to grow with me when my life in rural Jamaica was replaced by a new chapter in the bustling capital city of Kingston, where I gained a new home, new friends, and countless new experiences.

Education and Career I started my professional journey with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Then, through years of research, paired with my determination, I was able to earn a full scholarship that took me to the United Kingdom where I obtained a Masters of Science in Marketing and Management. Undaunted by the unknown, I decided to embark on a fresh new adventure and immigrated to Ontario, Canada.

What first began as a childhood love for storytelling, has since grown into a love for marketing. As a result, I've spent my career identifying exciting opportunities and crafting stories in B2B Marketing and Relationship Management.

Life Journey My journey is a narrative of adaptability, resourcefulness, creativity, and, above all, blessings. Amidst it all are precious experiences sprinkled throughout that I believe can be inspiring to young readers, and be the catalyst for learning, growth, and adventure.

And just like any great story, there's always more to discover and share!

Let's work together

School Visits

Being able to visit and directly connect with children at schools, libraries, daycares or varying events are always a perfect opportunity to introduce young audiences to the dynamic world of reading, writing, and illustrating.

Each author visit is specially tailored to your needs and includes an engaging and interactive reading session. In combination with reading sessions, personalized discussions are available on the emotional and social skills uncovered in my book, Loving Daddy-Stairs.

Collaborative topics:

  • Positive attitude
  • Trustworthiness
  • Dealing with change and uncertainty
  • Healthy coping skills/emotion regulation
  • Friendships and respecting differences

Speaking Events

Hosting an event and looking for a presenter? Let's Connect for:

  • Discussing your event goals
  • Exploring potential topics
  • Customizing a presentation that suits your audience
  • Presenting at diverse events such as:
    • Conferences
    • Panel discussions
    • Women's events or retreats
    • Entrepreneurial gatherings
    • Personal development workshops


Got an idea? Let's Discuss:

  • Unpacking the possibilities
  • How to take action on that story or idea you have
  • Becoming a self-published author
  • Unpacking your passion project, and more
Book a 30 minute consultation to address the questions you’ve been mulling over.